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2019 Chioneso Show Marange and Yongsong Qin An Empirical Likelihood Ratio Based Comparative Study on Tests for Normality of Residuals in Linear Models 16(1):1-116
2019 Marjan Cugmas, Aleš Žiberna and Anuška Ferligoj Mechanisms Generating Asymmetric Core-Cohesive Blockmodels 16(1):17-41
2019 Girish Chandra, Neeraj Tiwari and Raman Nautiyal Two Stage Adaptive Cluster Sampling based on Ordered Statistics 16(1):43-60
2019 Metka Kogovšek and Irena Ograjenšek Effects of the Same-Gender vs. Cross-Gender Mentoring on a Protégé Outcome in Academia: An Exploratory Study 16(1):61-78