Instructions for authors

File formats: the main manuscript document can be prepared using MS Word or TeX/LaTeX. Please use the DOC / LaTeX templates provided on this web page.

Language: Metodološki zvezki is published in English.

Submission of papers: Authors are requested to submit their articles (complete in all respects) to the Editor by e-mail . Contributions are accepted on the understanding that the authors have obtained the necessary authority for publication. Submission of a paper will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. Articles must be prepared in LaTeX or Word using the templates provided on this page.

Review procedure: Manuscripts are reviewed by two referees. The editor reserves the right to reject any unsuitable manuscript without requesting an external review.

Preparation of manuscripts

Tables and figures

Tables and figures must appear in the text (not at the end of the text). They are numbered in the following way: Table 1, Table 2,..., Figure 1, Figure 2, ...

References within the text

The basic reference format is (Smith, 1999). To cite a specific page or pages use (Smith, 1999: 10-12). Use 'et al.' when citing a work by more than three authors (Smith et al., 1999). The letters a, b, c etc. should be used to distinguish different citations by the same author(s) in the same year (Smith, 1999a; Smith, 1999b).


Essential notes or citations of unusual sources, should be indicated by superscript number in the text and corresponding text under line at the bottom of the same page.


Equations should be centered and labeled with two numbers separated by a dot enclosed by parentheses. The first number is the current section number and the second a sequential equation number within the section, e.g., (2.1)

Author notes and acknowledgements

Author notes identify authors by complete name, affiliation and his/her e-mail address. Acknowledgements may include information about financial support and other assistance in preparing the manuscript.

Reference list

All references cited in the text should be listed alphabetically and in full after the notes at the end of the article.
References to books, part of books or proceedings:
[1] Smith, J.B. (1999): Title of the Book. Place: Publisher.
[2] Smith, J.B. and White A.B. (2000): Title of the Book. Place: Publisher.
[3] Smith, J. (2001): Title of the chapter. In A.B. White (Ed): Title of the Proceedings, 14-39. Place: Publisher.
Reference to journals:
[4] Smith, J.B. (2002): Title of the article. Name of Journal, 2, 46-76.

Templates and examples

LaTeX template

MS Word Template